The formation age of the humans is in their early years and this is why our emphasis of the formative age cannot be over emphasized. We in Praise El School understand how vital the formative years are and its impact on our communities. We aim to make the most of this formative years by introducing, reinforcing, and practicing values that will enable our children emerge as competent, confident and balanced ambitious young people in our communities.  These are the blocks on which all other values in life will be built and we count ourselves privileged to be given this opportunity.

I and my team are well abreast of this fact and that is why we go all out to impact on our children an understanding that not only opens them up but that also stirs their interests in learning. We value the child as a unique respectable member of our learning community and believe that each child deserves the learning opportunity that will assure that these viable blocks on which the rest of their lives will rest are balanced and solid.

Building relationships with children (and their parents) is one of the strong keys of success in everything, from encouraging growing in confidence to managing behavior and even to motivating interest in learning. Our community cannot thrive without the support of our parents who are strong members of our learning community. We welcome the supports of our parents in achieving our goals.

This website offers an insight into our school and I sincerely hope you find it interesting and helpful. I must bring to your notice that our aura of warmth and feel of family will be felt when you pay us a visit..